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Okay, hold on to your flashlights and blankets, this could get dark:

A story from a villain’s perspective.

This prompt runs until next Saturday morning! You have one week to get your villain on!

Spoils of War

Date: 2016-04-09 03:22 pm (UTC)
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Darren Cross gets no love. lol I loved his villianous ways in Ant Man so I'd thought I do a quick little introspective piece on him. No warnings but Darren being Darren. I had a tiny bit more to this, but it didn't quite fit, so might add it later or not. Okay, onward!


Darren Cross was having a good day. When he got off the phone to the Hydra reps, he was smiling. He was going to get the contract to further develop the military applications to the Pym particle. And now the 'Yellowjacket' project was a green light. His foot tapped under his desk, fingers drumming a bright, little beat. The nervous, happy, energy was barely contained. He was so giddy with joy, he decided to spurge and order that venti caramel macchiato frappuccino, double shot, extra whip, he'd was saving to savor for this special occasion.

Darren also had a date with Hope. Not the romantic kind, but that would change, as he did enjoy her company. It wasn't that he didn't know she was a backstabbing traitor; it's just he found it amusing that she thought she could fool him. He rather enjoyed the little 'cat and mouse' game they shared. The tinkle in her eyes, the pursed lips, the tiny flip of her sleek hair as she came up with another lie. It was positively delightful. Relationships were made on less, and it was a steady building block to work upon. The flirty lies. And also she was a good listener and oh so lovely to look at. So all in all, good company to celebrate with. He'd arranged an intimate dinner for two at the Blue Room.

Maybe, maybe, well, it was a bit soon--he wanted to marry her. It was either that or kill her, but she was still a valued employee, talented, sharp, and legs that went on for miles. So no, marrying was the first opinion in his book. Instead, he'd kill her father, Henry. But not until he could finally, finally once and for all, let him know what a mistake he made in not telling him all his secrets. He was his son after all. Not in the biological sense, but everything else. Henry Pym was a genius as so was he.

And isn't it logical sense, that the prodigy, (or was that protégé?), the one carefully groomed since Henry met him, to have it all? By rights, it was his, the company, the patents, the projects. He now surpassed the old man. And wasn't it fitting that the young rise up to sweep away the old? He'd like to keep him around to pick his brain more, but more so to see him broken. A broken old man because he grew to be the superior offspring.

They were alike, but instead of being proud of him, Henry looked like he wanted to spit on his shoes. Darren did keep his portrait in the lobby-- what more could he want?

So no, he decided after the announcement and after the wedding, he'd kill Henry Pym, because it will finally be enough. He'd have his daughter, Hope. It wasn't incestuous in anyway, really. They were not blood. Besides, weren't all kings and queens related in some way? Incestuous cousins, aunts and uncles, whole dynasties. So it was like a takeover of a country and Hope the spoils of war--a war bride. And he the conqueror, and that suited him just fine.

Darren leaned back in his chair and smiled. His frappuccino had arrive and he took a sip--perfect.
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