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Created on 2016-01-04 02:26:23 (#2477168), last updated 2016-05-07 (154 weeks ago)

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Name:MCU Flashfic Meme - Weekly Prompts!
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Hello and welcome to the MCU Flash Meme!

This is going to be a fusion of an old school LJ flashfic comm and a kinkmeme: there will be a new post every week with the week's prompt (from this list), and all fills to the prompt go in the comments to the post. Fic up to about 2,000 words will fit in a comment, or you can post a link to a tumblr post or work on the AO3. You can use your DW account to comment if you want reply notifications etc., or you can comment anonymously (or comment anonymously because you don't have a DW but link to your tumblr, or whatever floats your boat).

Fun, right? :D?


1. Marvel Cinematic Universe, liberally construed: MCU movies, TV shows, comics characters who theoretically will be appearing in movies or tv shows, you know, whatever. Knock yourself out.

2. Flashfic! Write it fast, because at the end of the week the roundup post cometh and then we're moving on to a new prompt.
2a. Yeah, or art, or whatever. Make a thing for the prompt! Make it quick! Post or link it in the comments to this post!

3. Don't be an asshole.
3a. Don't like somebody's work? Keep scrolling.
3b. Label your work so people who don't like that kind of thing know to keep scrolling. Canon source, pairing, characters, rating, all a good idea.
Please use warnings for major character death, rape/non-con, graphic violence, and underage sex.

4. Mod will make more rules if mod is forced to. Mod reserves the right to screen, delete, ban, etc. But don't make me do that, guys, I have better things to do. Okay? Okay.
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