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Brush up your trash talk and get your eyes on the prize! Our new prompt:

A story about a contest or competition.

On your mark, get set... This prompt will run through Saturday morning... Go!

Tattoo You

Date: 2016-03-26 02:21 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] starmaki
This is just an intro. I ran out of time to get it all in.( busy, busy week). :( I wanted to put this up, because it was cute sudden idea I had. This prompt was kind of hard for me to think of something short. This was one of two ideas I finally had.

Okay the idea is competition. No warnings. AU tattoo shop. Steve Rogers (skinny Steve), Clint Barton and mention of Bucky at this time. (This will be turning into a longer Steve/Bucky fic as it goes.)

"Tattoo You"

Steve was a good person so he didn't deserve this. He was in the middle of inking a large piece of Batman and Superman duking it out across someone's back; it was loud, splashy, and 'poster comic book color' bright. That was when he found out.

"Another tattoo shop opened up across the street," Clint said as he came into the room.

Steve's hand almost slipped. "Don't interrupt me, Barton, when I'm working. That's rule number one."

Which Clint was always forgetting. Clint did piercings at the 'Captain's Custom Tattoo' shop which Steve was the owner. He just gave Clint 'the look' and he left him alone to work. After the client left with a printed list of aftercare advice and small bottles of lotion and anti-bacterial soap, he found Clint in the back drinking Mountain Dew and eating a Snickers. Steve got a sugar rush just watching him.

"It's called Bucky's Red Star Tattoo," Clint said between bites of his candy bar.

"What the fuck name is that?" Steve said, scowling. "I think they just called it that just to be higher on the listings." He wasn't going to admit the name caught his attention or anything.

Clint shrugged. "Could be. I checked out the work, not bad. Not you, of course, but different."

"You checked out the competition?" Steve's eyebrows raised. He wanted to pace, instead he opened the mini refrigerator and took out his own water.

"Yeah, and you should too."

"I don't have to do that," Steve said as he screwed off the cap to his water bottle, trying to be unaffected; it wasn't working.

It took Steve three whole days before he worked up his righteous anger enough to do just that.
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