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Perhaps with a little more obvious relevance to our favorite characters, this week's challenge:

A story set in London

You have a week for this prompt, so get a move on!

Date: 2016-02-04 02:00 pm (UTC)
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Fandom: Captain America (Movies)

Characters: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes,

Rating: T

Tags: Daemon AU, Implied/Referenced Torture, Post-Rescue, That bar scene in TFA

Warnings: Blood, Injury

"See? I told you: they're all a bunch of idiots," Bucky said from his seat at the bar, a drink in his hand and Evelina curled at his feet, her ears perking up when Steve slid into the seat beside Bucky, Niamh perched on his shoulder.

"How 'bout you, huh?" Steve asked, to Bucky and Lina both. "You ready to follow Captain America into the jaws of death?"

Bucky grinned, his eyes strangely clear despite the thick smell of alcohol on him.

"Hell, no," he replied, sitting back in his seat. "That little guy from Brooklyn who was too dumb to run away from a fight: I'm following him."

Lina gave a quiet bark of agreement. Bucky reached down to stroke at her ears with his uninjured hand. It was almost like Azzano had never happened; the bruising on Bucky's face and neck was nearly gone, and the fingers on his left hand were healing up nicely -- it was nearly impossible to tell that Lina had nearly bitten them off only a few days previous, after Steve had pulled Bucky off Zola's table only to realise that Lina was nowhere in sight.

He and Niamh had followed Bucky as he stumbled and staggered to the next room over, and there was Lina: trapped in a too-small cage, snarling – and God, the agony Bucky must have endured, being separated from her for that long – and then Bucky had taken the gun from Steve's belt and shot off the cage's lock and opened the door. Lina had lunged right at him and Steve and Niamh turned away, then, giving them a moment, and it was only when Bucky screamed that they had realised something was wrong.

Lina was thrashing in Bucky's arms, clawing at him, her ears flat against her head and her lips pulled back in a snarl and there was blood on her muzzle; Bucky's blood, his hand was covered in it -- and it took Niamh getting in between them and flapping her wings furiously for them to tear apart.

Lina had scrambled into the corner, tail lashing, and Bucky just sat there frozen, clutching his bleeding hand. There was a clear bite mark on his arm, and scratches on his chest and neck. He was very pale, in contrast to the dark blood.

"Let me see," Steve had said, jumping into action from his paralysed shock. From the other side of the room he could hear Niamh trying to calm Lina down.

Bucky hadn't made a sound as Steve gently uncurled his injured hand, trying not to wince when he saw how deep Lina's teeth had pierced.

"Steve, I--," Bucky had began, voice bleak, but what he was going to say Steve never found out, because a sudden explosion rocked the building.

"We've gotta get outta here," Steve had said, pulling Bucky to his feet, and he heard Niamh to say the same to Lina; and the four of them did, and by the time they got out Lina was running alongside Bucky in her usual spot, like this was just another back-alley brawl they were all running from, and when they made it to the others Bucky slowed down and scooped her up and buried his face in her fur.

They had found a medic to stitch his fingers, and by the time they made it back to base he was almost like the old Bucky again, and Lina too; they were fine, everything was fine. And Steve sat at the bar in a London pub and looked at Bucky stroking Lina's fur and thought: they were okay, they were fine; and he knew it to be true when Bucky turned to him with that familiar glint in his eye and said:

"But you're keeping the outfit, right?"

So: in keeping with my tradition of using the weekly prompt as a starting point to help get some ideas down for a potential fic, here’s a possible scene from a Daemon AU (trying to figure out what idea to pick for the Stucky Big Bang; currently deciding between a dark (but happy, eventually) Daemon AU or a happy, fluffy fic based on The Holiday -- although considering I’m not exactly great at writing fluff there’d probably be some extra angst in there somewhere.) Also, I feel like this snippet is the most emblematic of my writing process, which, essentially, involves coming up with a hurt!Bucky situation and then building a plot around it.

Tumblr url is the same as here!

(Edit: Forgot to add, while I haven't fully decided about the breeds of their daemons, I'm leaning towards Bucky's daemon Evelina as a Malinois (i.e a Belgian Shepherd) and Steve's daemon Niamh as some kind of owl, maybe an Eagle Owl or a Great Horned Owl.)

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