Jan. 8th, 2016

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Week 2 Prompt is coming up next, but first check out the fourteen responses to our Week 1 prompt!

Cower at the river's edge by [personal profile] notallbees (Captain America Movies, Rape, Steve/Rumlow & Bucky/Steve)
A New Beginning by [personal profile] iwillnotbecaged (Captain America Movies, Bucky/Steve/Sam)
A New Beginning by [personal profile] neverbalance (Daredevil, Matt & Foggy)
Widow's Chance (art on tumblr) by [tumblr.com profile] naomilasenby (Avengers, Clint & Natasha)
A new beginning by [personal profile] ihni (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Winter Soldier)
A New Beginning by [personal profile] neenaroo (Captain America Movies, High School AU, Sam & Bucky)
A New Man by Anonymous (Captain America Movies, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Peggy)
A New Year by Anonymous (Captain America Movies, Mature, Steve/Bucky)
A New Beginning by [personal profile] tessercat (Iron Man, Tony)
Going to Put My Name Down by Anonymous (Captain America Movies, dub-con, Steve)
A New Beginning by [personal profile] hansbekhart (Captain America Movies, Sam/Bucky)
A New Beginning by [personal profile] dira (Captain America Movies, Bucky & Steve)
A New Beginning by [personal profile] meghaninblack (Captain America Movies, Grace Barnes & Steve Rogers)
A New Page by [tumblr.com profile] justaphage (Captain America Movies, Steve/Bucky)
dira: Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Default)
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Week 2 is here, and with it a shiny new prompt!

A story about rising to a challenge.


1. Marvel Cinematic Universe, liberally construed: MCU movies, TV shows, comics characters who theoretically will be appearing in movies or tv shows, you know, whatever. Knock yourself out.

2. Flashfic! Write it fast, because at the end of the week the roundup post cometh and then we're moving on to a new prompt.
2a. Yeah, or art, or whatever. Make a thing for the prompt! Make it quick! Post or link it in the comments to this post!

3. Don't be an asshole.
3a. Don't like somebody's work? Keep scrolling.
3b. Label your work so people who don't like that kind of thing know to keep scrolling. Canon source, pairing, characters, rating, all a good idea.
Please use warnings for major character death, rape/non-con, graphic violence, and underage sex.

4. Mod will make more rules if mod is forced to. Mod reserves the right to screen, delete, ban, etc. But don't make me do that, guys, I have better things to do. Okay? Okay.

You have until approximately this time next Friday for this prompt, so get going!


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