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The non-fictional kind, gang...

A story about a historical figure.

Dust off your history books and get going on your favorite real-history-people crossovers! Challenge runs until Saturday!

Date: 2016-05-07 01:02 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
So this is rather hastily thrown together, plays rather fast and loose with the historical figure in question, and ends a bit ambiguously. However, I finished on time, so hooray!

Title: A Change in Perspective
Author: TrashMouse on Tumblr
Fandom: Agent Carter
Characters: Peggy Carter, Hedy Lamarr
Warnings: None in particular that I can think of. Possibly not compliant with all of Season 2 of Agent Carter.
Summary: Peggy has her sights on adding a new employee to SHIELD.

Peggy Carter, Director of SHIELD, greeted Hedy Lamarr a whole five minutes past their stated appointment. “Do come in and have a seat, Ms. Lamarr,” the Director said when her imposing office doors finally opened, motioning inside. “Or do you prefer Mrs. Lee?”

In spite of the Director’s rudeness (both in being late and in such an impertinent question), Hedy had to admire a woman who did nothing to hide the streaks of grey in her hair or the crow’s feet digging themselves into the corners of her eyes. “Ms. Lamarr is fine,” she said graciously. Besides, it was possible that a woman as busy as SHIELD Director Peggy Carter didn’t have time to keep up with the latest news on everyone she invited to secret, mysterious meetings. “I got bored of Howard a few months ago.”

The Director frowned in sympathy, and Hedy felt her own smile grow strained. “I’m sorry to hear about that,” Director Carter said, her voice dripping with sincerity.

“Don’t worry about me,” Hedy replied, still smiling. “He was a bit dull. Anyway, I hear you’re in the midst of splitting from your own Mr. Sousa.”

That certainly wiped the sympathy off Director Carter’s face, and she changed subjects swiftly. “Well, Ms. Lamarr,” she said, turning away to finally take a seat behind her shiny oak desk, “I’m sure you’re wondering why I wished to meet with you.”

Hedy smiled at the condescension. “I seem to recall the government being rather dismissive about my inventions in the past.” The damnable sympathetic look returned to the Director’s face, so Hedy barreled forwards. “I may not even have come today, I’m very busy you know,” she laughed, “but a friend of my son recognized the name Peggy Carter and spoke very highly of you.”

The Director’s brows lifted in surprise. “May I ask who?”

“A very sweet girl named Angela Martelli,” Hedy replied, coughing lightly and hoping the director didn’t notice her hesitation. It was entirely possible the girl was actually named Angelina or Angelica or something else equally ridiculous.

However, she instead had the pleasure of seeing the Director surprised for a second time in as many minutes. “Angie!” Director Carter gasped. Something sad flashed across her face, something gone so quickly that only a lifetime spent learning how emotions showed in the shape of a person’s face allowed Hedy to see it. “I’m glad,” the Director said, then clarified. “I am glad to hear she’s doing well.”

“Yes, well,” the Director said, recovering, “I invited you here to inquire about a patent you filed in 1942, on the matter of radio guidance systems. I understand you spoke to the Navy about it, and they dismissed you. Luckily, SHIELD is a bit more open minded about the sources of our technology. I am sure you are aware of Howard Stark.” Hedy nodded, her curiosity peaked in spite of herself. “Well, he spoke quite highly of your work to me recently, and SHIELD has decided to offer you a job, if you wish.”


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